Research Grants

In order to encourage serious and sustained research into the analysis of phenomena and processes in contemporary Jewish life that contribute to assimilation, and into successful counter-strategies, the Rappaport center offers research grants to scholars, thus enabling them to carry out original research culminating in a research paper appropriate for inclusion in the center’s publication series (see "Publications").

Researchers interested in conducting studies in topics which are relevant to the Rappaport Center are requested to send a written proposal that will include a short description of the proposed study and its predicted contribution to the promotion of the Rappaport Center goals.

Ph.D. Scholarships

The Rappaport Center offers a limited number of scholarships to outstanding graduate students at Bar Ilan University, who are enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Program in Contemporary Jewish Studies and whose topic of research bears upon the challenges of assimilation in communities of the contemporary Jewish diaspora.

Students who wish to apply for a scholarship should write to Prof. Judy Baumel,

Address: Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel 52900 Telephone: 03-6734050 Fax:03-6724915  web by pimento