Israeli Assimilation: The Absorption of Non-Jews into Israeli Society and its Influence on the Collective Identity

Asher Cohen


A Critique of the Jewish Identity Discourse

Avi Sagi


Halakhic Responses to Assimilation

Ariel Picard


Training American Orthodox Rabbis to Play a Role in Confronting Assimilation: Programs, Methodologies and Directions

Adam Ferziger


Making the Jewish Canon Accessible to our Generation

Yedidia Z. Stern


Psychological Aspects of Identity Formation and their Implications for Understanding the Concept of Jewish Identity: A Review of the Scientific Literature

Michal Tur- Kaspa,
Dana Pereg,
Mario Mikulincer


"The Jewish Story": The Meaning of Jewish Identity and the Factors Shaping it Among Jewish Youth in Mexico City and Tashkent

Dana Pereg,
Mario Mikulincer,
Maya Aksakalov


"The Quintessential Dilemma": American Jewish Responses to Intermarriage

Gerald Cromer


"Jewishness" in Postmodernity: The Case of Sweden

Lars Dencik


Threat and Opportunity: Assimilation and Response amongst Basel's Jews

Valerie Rhein


Jewish Identity Patterns and Assimilation Trends Among Young Adult Jews in Hungary

David Bitter


Assimilation in Italy and the methods of confronting it

Yaakov Lattes


The Rosenzweig Lehrhaus: Proposal for a Jewish House of Study in Kassel Inspired by Franz Rosenzweig's Frankfurt Lehrhaus

Ephraim Meir


The Emergence of the Community Kollel: A New Model for Addressing Assimilation

Adam Ferziger


Identity, Assimilation and Revival: Ethno-Social Processes within the Jewish Population of the Former Soviet Union

Zeev Khanin,
Velvl Chernin


A Critique of Jewish Education in Francophone Countries

Zehavit Gross


To be a Jew - Brener: An Existentialist Jew

Avi Sagi


Caucasus Jews in Daghestan: Identity and Survival

Chen Bram


Halakhic Rulings of Italian Scholars in Modern Times and their Contemporary Relevance

Joseph Levi


The Potential for Cooperation in Eastern Europe between Jewish Studies Departments, Jewish Communities, and Bar Ilan University

Rafi Shuchat


Comparative Study of "Limmud" Events in Australia and England

Yael Guter,
Yvonne Friedman


An Analysis and Critique of Outreach to Non-affiliated Jews in Budapest and Proposals for New Directions

Linda Bahn


A Profile of Young Jews in South America based on an Analysis of Traffic at an Internet Site for Jewish Match-Making

Aharon Galer


Creating Scholastic and Social Frameworks for Young Jews in Europe Based on Shared Reading of Jewish Works

Noomi Weinnrib


A Survey of Distance Learning Options for Jewish Women

Ute Steyer


"Four Corners": Art, Artists and Strengthening Jewish Vitality

Zion Assulin


Modern Zionist Orthodoxy and Assimilation in Israel and the US: Current State of Affairs and Future Possibilities

Moshe Helinger


Israeli Emigrants Abroad: Jewish Continuity or Assimilation

Lilach Lev-Ari


Tikkun Olam: Engaged Spirituality and Jewish Identity

Gerald Cromer


Conversion to Islam for sake of marriage in Israel

Avital Bar Nitsan


Diaspora Parents' non-enrolment of their Children in Jewish schools

Elie Holzer


The Jews of France at the Turn of the Third Millenium: Identity and Values

Erik Cohen


Jewish Identity and Assimilation among the Jews of San Antonio, Texas

Itzhak Schlesinger


Verification of Jewishness: Rabbinic Courts and Immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe

Yisrael Rozen


History Education as a Vehicle for Strengthening Jewish Identity at the “Magen David” School in Mexico City

Rinat Shtruzman


Why Don't They Participate? A Short Voyage into the Hearts, Minds and Concerns of the Jews of Subotica, Yugoslavia

Sara Stojkovic


The Lauder schools of Prague: overview and analysis

Tereza Gafna Foltynova


A Lively Community: The Liberal Jewish Community of Amsterdam

Clary Rooda


The Subbotniks

Velvl Chernin


Centered on Study: Typologies of the American Community Kollel

Adam Ferziger


Jews in Finland - A Study of Jewish Education and Identity

Semy Kahan

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